Bug and Bear


Bug and Bear

Bug and Bear
Illustrated by Layn Marlow
Published by Oxford University Press UK, Marshall Cavendish US

A bug, a bear, and a story of true friendship.

This is the story of Bug who wakes up happy, Bear who wakes up grumpy, and the day when their friendship is lost and found.



"Little blue Bug and little brown Bear become unlikely friends. Bear wants to take a nap, but Bug, with big eyes and a perpetual smile, wants to play, and buzzes all around Bear's head. (Bug's dialogue often snakes across the page in imitation of his flight pattern.) Bear lumbers off toward her cave and Bug gets distracted by some flowers. After counting to 10, he gives chase anew; maybe now Bear's ready to play! But no; frustrated and exhausted, Bear tells Bug to Buzz off! Go jump in the lake! and goes into her cave. But she tosses and turns and can't fall asleep. Maybe she should have been nicer to Bug? Bear finds Bug in the lake (that she told him to jump into!); he has been trying to be a water bug, and now he wants a nap. Just what Bear wants to hear; after a heartfelt apology, the two new friends share a snooze. Marlow's illustrations in gouache, pencil, watercolor and crayon have a soft focus, amplified by their being laid on a brown-cardstock background (like the inside of a cereal box). In vignettes and full- and double-page spreads, their gentle humor nicely enhances and advances Bonwill's deftly written tale.  Apt for the very young."    - Kirkus Reviews

UK paperback edition, August 2011 (ISBN: 9780192729866)
US hardcover edition, April 2011 (ISBN: 9780761459026)
UK hardcover edition, February 2011 (ISBN: 9780192729859)

Co-editions also available in Canada (French Language), Finland, Denmark, Korea, and Portugal

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