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A Book-Day for Bug and Bear

Bug and Bear 

Happy book-day Bug and Bear!  My second picture book is now out in the UK, and will be released in the US on April 1st (should I worry that it's April Fool's Day?).  Actually, it is already available for purchase on US websites (see book page for links).  As I was writing this story, I could relate to both Bug and Bear, and I love how Layn Marlow has brought them to life with her charming illustrations. So which are you, a Bug or a Bear?

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I recently received the co-editions of Naughty Toes from the US, Canada (French language), and Portugal. Of all my books so far, Naughty Toes is probably the closest to my heart, and I adore the illustrations by Teresa Murfin.

Naughty Toes

Each edition is beautiful, I couldn't be more pleased, but what gives me the biggest smile is the character names.  In my original version, published in the UK, the main character is called Trixie and her sister is Belinda.  The US edition comes closest, with the main character named Chloe and her sister called Belinda. In Canada (French language) they will be known as Josephine and Isabella, and in Portugal you can call them Beatriz and Aurora.  What fun!

Naughty Toes will be released in the UK at the beginning of April, and in fact it is already available for purchase online (see book page for links).

The US edition, published by tiger tales, will be out in September.  It, too, is ready early, and tiger tales is sending me to Book Expo America in NYC at the end of May to sign some advance copies. Hooray!

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Out and About

With three books coming out this year, I'm delighted to be setting up more appearances at book stores, conferences, and festivals.  I have three on the calendar so far and hope to add more as time goes on.  I'll post details closer to the dates, but in the meantime here's the scoop:

May 24: Book Expo America, New York City, Naughty Toes signing at 10:30am

June 3-5: SCBWI NJ Conference, Princeton NJ, presentations with KAC and book signing

October 11: Collingswood Book Festival, Collingwood NJ

Hope to see you out and about!  

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