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Christmas in (almost) July - Pocket Info and Bookplate Offer

The second publication date for Pocket's Christmas Wish approaches!  On September 1, 2010, it will be available in hardback in the U.S. and paperback in the U.K. 

The U.S. co-edition is being published by Barron's Educational Books and is available for pre-order through (and yes,, too).  

The U.K. paperback is available for pre-order at and

Visit Pocket's page for more information and links. 

If you'd like a personalized Christmas gift, I'd be happy to send you a signed bookplate to place in the front of your book.  Just e-mail me at the address on my contact page.  Be sure to include your name and mailing address, as well as the name of the person to whom you'd like it signed.  Thanks! 

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First Direct U.S. Sale - The Frazzles

Last month, my amazing agent, Marietta Zacker, made my first direct U.S. sale.  She sold my picture book manuscript, The Frazzles, to Holiday House in New York.  Hooray!

No word yet on who will be illustrating or when it will be published, but I couldn't be more excited. This story, about a quirky forgetful family, is near and dear to my heart, and I am so happy that it has found a home.

Marietta works with the Nancy Gallt Literary Agency, who have recently updated their website.  I can't seem to get it to work as a link, but here's the address:

Stay tuned for more Frazzles news as it comes.

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Bologna Book Fair

Way back in March I attended the Bologna Book Fair.  It was a dream come true to be at the fair, which specializes in children's books. I traveled to Bologna with Lenore and Daniel, my book blogger and illustrator friends from Frankfurt.  We had lots of fun exploring the town, eating gelato, and soaking up the bookish atmosphere.

Before the fair began, I attended the SCBWI conference where I met some wonderful people who work in the field and learned more about the craft and the business of writing children's books.  I also learned two things about author Richard Peck - he is an amazing and inspiring speaker, and he is a tough but gentle critiquer. 

One of the highlights of my trip was meeting up with my OUP editor, Helen.  I had not seen her since we moved to Germany, and it was a treat to have a chance to chat and catch up.  I also met Molly, the art director at OUP and the person responsible for the lovely design of my books.  She is also the person responsible for the photos below!


 Me with the Bug and Bear banner - what an honor!


 Me with my OUP books


Helen and me

My time in Bologna was exciting and inspirational.  I'm so glad I had the chance to make the trip while I was living in Europe.  Maybe someday I'll be back!

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Pub Dates and Co-editions and Updates, Oh My!

Lots of news to share about my books.  There are some changes on the horizon, but all for good reasons and hopefully all for the best.

First, the Naughty Toes release is being postponed a year until April 2011.  The reason is that several co-editions have now been sold, and they want to release them all at the same time.  Tiger Tales will publish the U.S. edition, and there will be a co-edition in Portugal as well.  The paperback version will come out at the same time as the hardback.  So, more waiting, but a good result in the end.

Bug and Bear now has a release date of February 2011.  Kind of funny that the third book I sold will be coming out second, but that's the way it goes in publishing.  There will be multiple co-editions for this book, too, including a U.S. edition from Marshall Cavendish.  Other countries that have picked it up are Finland, Denmark, and Canada.  Now if only I could visit every place that publishes my stories!

I am really pleased that both books will be available in the U.S. at the same time that they are published in the U.K.  I will keep you posted on the release dates and availability.  By the time they come out we'll be living back in the States, and I hope I can finagle some author signings and school appearances.  2011 is shaping up to be a big year!       

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Hugo and Bella

It has been far too long since I have written about my book news, and I have a lot to share!  My first exciting piece of news is that I sold a fourth picture book to Oxford University Press.  Hugo and Bella is the story of a hippo, a bird, and a costume party (known in the UK as a fancy dress party).  I am thrilled about this book, which will be coming out in the fall of 2011.  Simon Rickerty is doing the illustrations, and they are amazing!  I am a very lucky author to be able to work with artists who really bring my stories to life.  Can't wait to unveil the cover here soon!

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