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Pocket Hops Across the Pond!

The rights for Pocket's Christmas Wish have been sold to the US!  Next fall (2010), US publisher Barron's will be printing 12,500 hardback copies for distribution throughout the States.  Hooray! 

In other Pocket news, I just found out that Pocket's Christmas Wish has sold out from the OUP warehouse, so it is no longer available from them (until the paperback edition comes out next year).  This is good news!  Now fingers crossed that it "sells through" from all the shops across the UK where it is currently being displayed for the Christmas season.  It is still available online from and various other UK sites, so if you are looking for a copy and can't shop locally in the UK, you can try there.

Finally a heart-felt thank you to my family and friends for all their support and enthusiasm.  I still can't quite believe that I am holding my own book in my hands, and I couldn't have done it without each of you.  Thank you.

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